Shaun D | RallyShark

So it's a 1989 BMW E30 318i with 5 speed manual transmission. I know it had spent a couple of years sitting in a wrecking yard in Toowoomba before a friend of mine purchased it. I then acquired it in exchange for a set of wheels.

The E30, known as the RallyShark due to its graphics and rally styling, lives in Gatton, QLD.

I got the car without any real need for it and was initially unsure of what to do with it however it was suggested that I should get it ready for an upcoming E30 event. I replaced a few parts that were worn out and gave the car a thorough service.

I had always wanted a car with sharkmouth graphics and decided that now was my chance. I purchased the rolls of Vinyl film, then drew up the design, cut and applied it to the car. A few race inspired stickers completed the look. 

After driving it enthusiastically on some local dirt roads I decided that ground clearance was an issue. With the help of coilovers and oversized tires, my rally E30 took shape. A collection of spotlights and home made mounts was the finishing touch.

Inside, a lit of the interior has been removed including the back seat and center console. A suede rim steering wheel and tall, short-throw shifter makes fast driving easier, whilst the holes left behind from removing the rear seatbelts have used to secure tiedown loops for carrying spare tires and equipment.

The shark is a lot of fun to drive due to its 'go anywhere' modifications and is always a favourite due to how different it is from other E30s.