Mike M | Lindy

Meet Lindy, a 1955 Chevrolet One Fifty. I got her two years ago in trade for a brake line overhaul on a Suburban. She was in a back yard, and hadn't moved in more than a decade. Before we tried pulling her out, we checked the compression and then coaxed the engine to life with a little starter fluid. The first job was evicting a stubborn family of mice, who had eaten most of the padding in the rear bench. Once they were gone, it was a pretty standard refresh. We started with new tires and a complete brake overhaul which meant upgrading to power assist brakes, and of course new shoes and drums. The electrical system was a 6-volt setup, so we converted it to 12-volt. The bumpers were shot: the chrome had completely peeled off and they were rusty. We were able to knock down the rust and sent them off to the chromer, who did a nice job and made a huge difference in the look of the car. We're not going to restore her to show condition: we want a driver that shows her age without looking ratty.