SYCAMORE, ILLINOIS (AUGUST 23, 2016) – IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. Chairman and CEO Jim James today announced the promotion of Jim Davidson to General Manager of the company’s legendary SK Professional Tools business unit. Davidson had been running the IDEAL Innovation Center for the last six years and has extensive expertise in both manufacturing and marketing. Davidson was also instrumental in the company’s acquisition of SK in 2010. He replaces Joe Saganowich who has taken a leadership position in a sports marketing company closer to his home near Raleigh, North Carolina.

“We’re thrilled to turn over the SK business to a proven business builder like Jim Davidson,” said James. “He is just what we need right now to drive the business forward. He’s got the vision, manufacturing know-how and the brand building skills to drive the business forward.” James noted that Davidson joined IDEAL after 17 years in manufacturing and marketing with Craftsman. Davidson also worked at Klein Tools. “He knows the industry very, very well,” said James.

Under Davidson’s leadership, the IDEAL innovation team developed and delivered three game-changing product platforms across the enterprise. In fact, Davidson collaborated with the SK team to re-invent the professional mechanics wrench, ultimately delivering the SK X-FRAME™ ratcheting wrench to the market in 2014. A technician’s dream, its distinctive I-beam engineering and design provides mechanics with more power and precision in tight spaces than anything else in the market.

“Jim is a creative engineering and marketing force,” said the IDEAL chairman. “He has taken on some of the most ambitious product development assignments in the company over the last several years and has delivered again and again. At his core, he’s a tool guy. He understands guys who love to work with their hands and solve complex mechanical and systems problems. Jim’s a perfect fit for SK and will help us continue to bring new, game-changing ideas to America’s professional mechanics.”

IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. is a global, diversified family business designing and manufacturing superior products and tools for professional tradesmen in the electrical, wire processing, data communications, aerospace, automotive and construction industries.

The 100-year old company was founded in 1916 on the premise of forging ideal relationships with customers, employees and communities. The company has consistently grown and expanded under four generations of family ownership. IDEAL recently expanded its employee pension program while others are cutting or eliminating theirs.

The company is the market leader in electrical product categories and is pioneering a new wireless lighting management system that can reduce energy use by up to 33 percent and be installed in less than one eighth the time of leading systems now in the category.

The Sycamore, Illinois-based company manufactures 98 percent of its products in the United States. IDEAL also manufactures and sells American quality products in China, Brazil and Great Britain exclusively for those markets.