Blown Sled

Ben J | Blown Sled

I have a 2014 Yamaha Viper XTX snowmobile with a 3 cylinder 1049cc 4 stroke engine.  The horsepower from the factory is 130.

This project involved installing an aftermarket tubro kit made by Mountain Performance Inc.  This company has been making turbo charger kits for Yamaha snowmobiles for over 10  years.  This kit, when installed by a Yamaha dealer will not void the factory warranty.

In my case, at least 1/2 the fun was the process of installing the turbo.  The final result is approximately180 horsepower at around 8500 rpm.  This kit includes an electronic altitude boost controller so it is safe at any elevation and is self-adjusting.  When operated near sea level, the max boost is designed to be around 5 pounds. There is a Bosch boost sensor installed at airbox right before the throttle bodies.  I also installed an AEM failsafe afr/boost gauge to keep an eye on the a/f ratios.  The kit says that this is not necessary, but I felt it was prudent to make sure I didn't get too lean and have a major failure.

The exhaust assembly came with one bung for a factory sensor and I had to drill out the other for the wideband 02 sensor.  Much of the work on the project was re-routing oil and coolant lines.  This particular kit does not have an intercooler but it is available as an aftermarket option.  There are many upgrades for this motor that can take a person into the 270 and up range.  These require head shims, low compression pistons, heavy duty rods, and an additional fuel injector mounted in the air box.

After the turbo was installed, I had to change to weights in the primary (drive) clutch and I also changed the spring in the secondary (driven) clutch.  With all of the additional power from the turbo, there is a real balancing act to ensure that the sled doesn't hit the rev limiter but also acheives full shift out to ensure maximum speed and power.  

In conclusion, this kit was a real joy to install and an absolute beast on the snow.  I had the experience of cruising across a frozen lake at about 50mph and when I pinned the throttle and the front skis came off the snow a few inches.  Now that is power!!