Don't be a brat

Anthony C | Don't be a brat

I bought this car two years ago, sight-unseen from a guy in Stevensville, TX. My wife and I rolled the dice and got one-way tickets from Philadelphia to Texas with the plan to drive it the 1500 miles home on a wing and a prayer. Besides a radiator failure in Tennessee, we got her home in one piece. Both front quarters were rusted and the hood paint peeled, so we did a partial body resto to stop the rot in its tracks. Next was a major clean-up, including chrome, replacement of non-factory parts like the bumpers, replacement of a factory roll bar, and of course new tires, fluids and gaskets. I wired and mounted new KC lights, hiding the wiring behind panels to keep a clean engine bay.

The next project will be a custom bracket to allow for quick removal and installation of the jump seats, and custom brackets to hold our mountain bikes in the rear.