1933 International

Kevin H | 1933 International

1933 International model B-3 Ton and a half. The original truck was my wife's great grand fathers. In 1944 the truck had a water well drill on the back of it. My wife's got the drill stuck and didn't have the means to get the drill of the back of the truck. So it sat in running condition in New Mexico until it was forgotten. In 2014 I removed the truck from its resting place and started to restore it back to original. When I pulled the motor it was still free turning which was amazing to me after sitting for 70 years

After a year of collecting and hunting down parts I completely restored the engine and transmission. It took me another year to come up with bearings for the rear end. Why so long to find parts? International in the 1930s had odd bearing sizes. So most of the bearings had not been made in over 40 years. So I had a hard time. ( But that makes the hunt much more fun! ) 

So in between getting the engine done I was able to find another International B-3 in Texas. I have used the Texas truck to supplement my restoration. The frame off the original truck was badly damaged by lugging the drill around. So I have used the frame on the Texas truck. I have taken a lot of time on the frame alone just to get it back to working condition. I had to learn a few old skills to get it back. I had to learn how to hot rivet to replace the fender mounts and the front bumper brackets. This is my first full out restoration so I am not as experienced, But you have to start some where. 

So far this project is not done. I have gathered every thing to make this a running and rolling truck. So here soon I will start on body work and replacing the wooden frame in the cab. You can find my progress at 1933international.blogspot.com